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Monetary rewards, such as bonuses, incentives, and pay raises act as good motivators. Everyone will work hard for more money. But motivation that really matters comes from something other than financial reward. It comes from employees’ pride in their job, their feeling of ownership and responsibility. And companies can provide this type of motivation. Here are some 5 helpful tips on how to do that.   


What can Singapore SMEs do to recruit and retain this next generation of workers? Ms Sheree Hsu, Talent Acquisition Manager, Asia, from Michael Page International sheds some light on how Gen Zs fit into the world of work, and why SMEs need to be on point in order to appeal to the latest arrivals to the workforce.


Having a performance appraisal for the first time? Or are you worried about how you’ll fare compared to previous years? Either way, preparation is necessary. Start with our tips !


The STAR Interview Method is a behavioral interview technique used to predict future job performance based on examples of previous specific behaviors, which illustrate the desired competencies through tactful probing. "STAR" is the first letter combination of the four words SITUATION, TASK, ACTION and RESULT.


It’s no secret that SMEs require a pool of skilled talent to develop and execute innovative strategies so that the company can continue growing. Here’s how SMEs can attract new talent and develop the potential of existing staff.


We’ve all seen this quote on Instagram, Facebook and everything in between… “Do what you love and never work a day in your life.”

But when it comes to work, it’s never really that straightforward though, is it?

We explore 5 simple ways to ignite that much talked about passion for work that could (hopefully) make waking up in the mornings that much easier for your talents.

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