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Personal Effectiveness

Commit yourself to personal effectiveness today. Look into yourself and discover new ways to capitalise on your individual strength and seeking ways to address weaknesses. Learn how to be a key player in your team to influence decision making and gain the spark to embark on your journey to continuous self development

Business Brainstorming
Course Modules:

Identify personal goals and how they link to organisational goals


Influencing team decision making


Maintain personal work-life balance for the achievement of team goals


Commitment to self development

Jerry is an accomplished consultant and trainer with over 20 years of consulting experienced. Upon attending more then 20 courses Jerry discovered a key common weakness which was the impracticality and relevancy of the current courses. This allowed Jerry to formulate revolutionised executive education courses to provide practical and relavant management courses for business leaders and CEOs alike. Leading to the establishment of the Habridge Concept. As the founder and director of several companies, Jerry understood the essential and emerging needs of business leaders and how having the right kind of training and consultancy can help businesses grow healthily and sustainably. 

Doctor Teaching on Seminar
About the Trainer
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