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Professionalise your Human Resource Function

HR Consulting

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Are You Facing These Common People Problems?

Recruiting Bad Hires

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Low Employee Engagement

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Declining Performance

Cadence Can Help

Our HR Consulting services helps you to transform your HR functions and modernise it from the traditional concept of handling mainly administrative matters to one that impacts business growth through people.

An organization is often said to only be as good as its people.

Employees who spend a large portion of their day contributing towards the success of an organization are its most crucial resources. Human Capital Management is essential for hiring, managing, training and retaining talented and high performing employees.

Cadence Team is committed to work with organisations to increase efficiency through better use of their human capital and enable organisations to achieve its strategic and competitive advantages. Our consultants are professional HR practitioners with hands-on experiences and they are passionate in helping companies to enhance their human capital capabilities.

There are no business problems, only people problems


Allow us to guide you to

improve your organisation's efficiency through better use of your human capital to achieve strategic and competitive advantages.

How we add value to our clients
through HR consulting

Judge's Table

to Regulations

Review and recommend policies consistent with compliance and risk management objectives.

Concrete Wall Building

Scale Up Your Business

Build a professional people management structure as a foundation for the business to scale.

Data on a Touch Pad

Improve Performance

Review and restructure performance management with a focus on employee’s growth.

Accounting Documents

Structure Reward

Restructure the rewards elements to align with business goals and employee purpose. 


Compensation and Benefit

HR Audit

Talent Management

Training & Development

Interview and Selection

HR Policies

HR Related Templates

Performance Management

Leadership Development

Reward Management

Attain Government Grants of Up To 50%


Our HR consultants are certified as Registered Management Consultants (RMC) accredited by Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore). Our HR consulting services are applicable for the Enterprise Singapore Grant (EDG), which covers up to 50% of the project cost. Our Job Redesign services are applicable for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) which covers up to 50% of the project cost. 

The Cadence consultants have in-depth industry knowledge and best practices.

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