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STAR Interview Method

The STAR Interview Method is a behavioral interview technique used to predict future job performance based on examples of previous specific behaviors, which illustrate the desired competencies through tactful probing. "STAR" is the first letter combination of the four words SITUATION, TASK, ACTION and RESULT.

During recruitment interview, it is impossible to fully understand the applicant's knowledge, experience, skills, work style, personality characteristics, etc. The use of STAR Interview Method allows us to make a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the candidate.


First of all, we must understand the candidates ability to achieve performance or face challenges. By asking SITUATIONAL questions related to work performance, or work challenges, we can fully understand how candidates achieve excellence or face challenges. 


Secondly, understanding in detail what TASKS the candidate is in responsible for. Through this, we can understand the applicant's work experience to determine his suitability for the new job.

Taking Notes

By asking how exactly the candidate responds (ACTION) to different situations we are better able to understand his working, thinking and personality type.

Finally, we focus on the RESULT, what is the result of each task after the action was taken, in order to evaluate the candidates competency and value to the company.

Through this four step STAR questioning, the candidate is guided step by step, and information about the candidate is revealed step by step. This provides a more accurate and comprehensive reference for the company’s hiring decisions. Other then benefitting the company, this also allows talents to demonstrate their full abilities.


Habridge's consultatn team has mastered the STAR Interview Method, with the provision of training for HR staffs and hiring staffs to better hire the best fit for the company.

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