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The Holistic Talent Management course is an eight-module course designed to provide all-around training for managers and executives. It offers a range of interactive activities and multimedia content that enable participants to gain the knowledge they need to succeed in talent management. The course also provides detailed guidance to help managers/supervisors create and implement effective strategies to engage employees and improve their work productivity and overall performance. In addition, the course includes a variety of case studies, role plays, management gadgets, and unit assessments to help identify areas for improvement in the talent management process. By attending this course, managers will have the opportunity to develop strong interpersonal skills, learn how to motivate team members, boost employee morale and productivity, and become effective leaders.

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Commit yourself to personal effectiveness today. Look into yourself and discover new ways to capitalise on your individual strength and seeking ways to address weaknesses. Learn how to be a key player in your team to influence decision making and gain the spark to embark on your journey to continuous self development


Human Communication, the most commonplace activity of our lives, is so intertwined with human life that we often take for granted its importance and complexity. This course enables students to better understand this universal phenomenon called communication by providing students with a set of tools for seeing the everyday processes and experiences of communication through new lenses.


A key differentiating factor for any company is their service. With service excellence, you leave a positive footprint on your customers mind, allowing continuous engagements in the future. In this course, learn and develop the mindset and passion of a service professional. Going the extra mile and providing customised services and delighting your customers.


A successful organisation starts with its team of people. A strong and cohesive workforce is the driving force for team performance excellence. Learn new and creative ways to impact team building not only during curated activities but in the everyday work life and projects.

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